Plasma Energy Power Generation Plants.
We advise and consult with countries and assist with the  Implementation of Green Energy Technologies by designing, building, and operating new plasma gasification power generation facilities.

Our waste to energy/bio-fuel plant technologies are designed to mitigate environmental concerns with state of the art energy plants and the latest in Plasma reactor advancements delivering renewable electricity to local electric grids.

Our solution is to assist countries with the implementation of world leading plasma gasification technology. This technology is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and renewable. It will demonstrate a direct link in improving the environment and the quality of life for all citizens. Our philosophy is to work with nature, and be as natural and renewable towards all our planets resources.

An example of a two train plasma Gasification working plant

This philosophy grew from the implicit need to embrace new technologies, develop methods and procedures which will suit a country’s growing needs, improve countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP),as well as, provide sustainable avenues of employment.

We have addressed these needs by researching world renowned scientists and engineers in a range of environmentally effective green energy technologies. By comparing the emerging Solar, Wind, and Geo-thermal technologies with Plasma Gasification, we were able to select the technologies that best suit the overall needs of a country based on the criteria above.

Our technology implements a state of the art Plasma Gasification System which is a proven waste treatment technology utilizing ultra-high temperatures that breaks down the waste into elemental synthetic gas (Syngas) and solid waste (slag)

The process is intended to be a net generator of electricity and/or a producer of ethanol or other bio-fuels. The plasma gasification system can input as feedstock carbon based wastes in liquid or solid form thus reducing the amount of waste transported to landfills or other facilities for collection